Pralee Eggs Hatchery & Tours

Come visit and tour 400 chickens at our UW Experimental Animal Farm, HWY 230 in Laramie, Wyoming!

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“I took a trip out to Pralee hatchery this weekend and got more of a tour than I ever expected! Though it is a very small operation Jaycey was able to show us the life span of a chicken from a chick still inside the egg (with a flashlight shining through the shell), chicks working on breaking out of their shells, and a range of live chicks from newborn to several weeks old in the “nursery” of the hatchery. She has an impressive array of grown chickens of multiple breeds and shared a wealth of knowledge about all of them! If you think that you won’t learn something- I’m telling you, think again! Our discussion covered topics ranging from chicken genetics and breeding to commercial egg operations and government inspection processes! One hour is hardly enough time to soak in all of the cuteness of the chickens as well as to learn even a hint of what Jaycey has stored in her head!

I would recommend this tour to absolutely anyone who has any interest in chickens, or to anyone who has ever eaten an egg in their life! Kids and adults will both find something to enjoy at this impressive little Laramie hatchery!”