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Do you suffer from foot, back, or any physical pain in your daily life? You have found the right place.

Read Dr. Bare’s incredible testimonials from clients healed after endless pain and doctor visits.

Dr. LTC Tony Bare (ret), DPT, ATC, OCS LTC is a Nationally recognized expert in biomechanics, gait, and orthotic shoe insert fabrication. You can count on gaining the expertise of one of the top five foot experts in the nation, a distinguished veteran who has devoted his life to becoming the best physical therapist possible.

Experience his hands-on treatment and tailored exercise program that will help you achieve a successful outcome with fewer visits and a genuinely caring approach.



Dr. Bare combines 20 years of conventional orthopedic advanced training and certification with holistic myofascial release techniques.  He has worked with top caliber Olympic and high school athletes of all ages for more than 20 years and earned a Certification in Athletic Training.

You will benefit from one of a few Physical Therapists in the country that conducts a comprehensive program which creates phenomenal success treating patients who had failed to improve with cortisone injections, conventional physical therapy, surgery and many different orthotics.

“Tony said he could solve the issue with orthotics that he made.  I was skeptical but thought it was worth a try…  The results were amazing.  I had not been able to run or play tennis without pain for years, yet with the orthotics,I was pain-free from day one.”

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“I had instant relief!! I was brought to tears during treatment because I was so overwhelmed by how much pain I had been in for so long and how much relief I felt instantly!! I recommend Tony to anyone who is suffering, I am so excited to share my healing story with everyone!!” 



You can also learn from one of the nation’s clinical experts to truly understand lower extremity biomechanics in a functional and clinically applicable system. If you are interested in learning to effectively and efficiently heal chronic and recurring pain in a 2-week extensive course, go HERE.

Tony volunteers at the Down Town Clinic every other Thursday morning. Patients, so that income eligible can see him there for free. Visit Laramie’s  Down Town Clinic website for more information on location and eligibility.

My wife,  Amy also hosts a free Toddler Time, a structured playgroup geared toward babies up to preschoolers that include engaging parachute play and crafts or songs and story time. You can  Like and follow  Laramie Stroller Fit Moms to learn more.