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“United We stand, Divided we fall.” (Aesops’ fables, 6th century B.C.) empowers online advertising, networking, and search engine optimization for marketing Wyoming businesses. #WYOunited creates networking opportunities on an easy, effective and engaging website connecting people with goods and services and Wyoming businesses.

 goWYObiz provides an easy platform and directory for Wyoming businesses; a hub-central, connecting visitors with a search engine that easily connects through keywords. empowers people to easily find what they are looking for with a strong search engine and easy to navigate website, highlighting Wyoming products and services. Anyone from around the world with wifi can surf and discover Wyoming businesses.

From the smallest town in Wyoming to the farthest reaches around the world, a united website and directory utilizing keywords, backlinks, clicks, and the algorithms for all search engines. increases search rankings.

As the dreamer of, I am thankful, grateful and blessed through over 2000 hours of hands-on and heart-full engagement.

My two daughters and better half, Zaiah, myself, Pat St John, and Zerina Morrison. I am thankful to all of my family who has committed to helping me in every way while I have created from scratch and by the power of God, Amen!

My family during the solar eclipse in Casper, Wyoming on August 21, 2017.

After years of living in Baja, we returned to my roots, native Wyoming in 2011.

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